Android or iOS? Which one’s better? Which one to buy? Well, these are some questions that revolve around the minds of each and every person since the evolution of these two Operating systems. And even until now, the winner of the race is not confirmed.

No matter which OS be the winner, there are some killer features of iPhone, that makes it always better than the Android. So, in the following article, we are going to list some important features of iPhone, that will make you love it even more.


3 Killer Features of iPhone Making it Better than Android:

#1: Wide Color Range:

3 Killer Features of iPhone That Will Make You Love It More

Although black, silver and white colors in phone never leave the trends, however, there are some people who want to ditch their phones just to switch the color that will go with every dress they wear. That is the reason why iPhone goes popular with its every new model in the market. Recently, the addition of the RED color in iPhone 7 gets the edge over the Android.

#2: Security:

3 Killer Features of iPhone That Will Make You Love It More

Regardless to say, iOS offers more secure features than any other Android device on the Earth. Tough Samsung has introduced many of the biometric features in its new flagship – Galaxy S8, still, iPhone has got more security features including the virus blocking without even letting the user know. Moreover, the apps available on the App Store are safe to download on iPhones, but this is not the case with Android phones, making them vulnerable.

#3: Over the Edge Performance:

3 Killer Features of iPhone That Will Make You Love It More

Performance is the most important feature of the iPhone, making it better than any other Android devices on the market shelves. Whether it is given by the speed tests or by personal experience, you will always find that Apple has got the smoothest performance.

Although you cannot get more choices from iPhone, still, these 3 features make them better than Android. For more tech know-how, keep visiting our Facebook page and our website!